Tour Delft
45 km

Tour Gouda
50 km

Tour Kinderdijk
35 km

Tour Biesbosch
35 or 45 km

Tour Rottemeren
35 km

Citytour Rotterdam


Rottemeren is a beautiful natural area very near to Rotterdam. You cycle along the river Rotte through a scenic countryside, dotted with authentic windmills. At one point the river is so wide that it has the form of a lake.

On the way you will certainly enjoy the authentic windmills, that embellish the scenery.

If you wish you can make a tour on a boat or on a ‘waterbike’. These tours are not included in the price.

Meeting point: Rotterdam Central Station

Meeting time: 10.00 a.m.

Price: € 25,00 including cost of bike rental, guide.

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