Tour Delft
45 km

Tour Gouda
50 km

Tour Kinderdijk
35 km

Tour Biesbosch
35 or 45 km

Tour Rottemeren
35 km

Citytour Rotterdam


The Biesbosch originates from 1421 when the St. Elisabeth flood overfowed the area near the city of Dordrecht. Until 1970 there was a big difference between high and low tide in the Biesbosch. After closing the "Haringvliet" this difference disappeared. All this, of course, influenced the scenery. The Biesbosch is a national park covering an area of 7100 hectares. It offers a wide system of rivers, small and larger creeks with holms, marshlands alternating with grasslands and rough reedlands. You will explore the area by bike and by kayak.

Meeting point: Rotterdam Central Station

Meeting time: 9.00 a.m.

Price: € 50,00 including cost of bike rental, transport by Fast Ferry, kayak tour, guide.


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