In the Dutch press
an article in the Rotterdams Dagblad
of 24/9/1999

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About Spinning Wheels

Spinning Wheels is a small organization in Holland which dedicates itself in offering cycle tours in the surroundings of Rotterdam, one of the biggest ports in the world. Especially foreign tourists show a great interest in these kind of tours.

If requested, special tours can always be arranged.

The founder of the organization, Mrs. Grace van Zuylen, has a career in tourism since 1991. After working as a tour leader in Central and South America for a Dutch travel agency, she decided to change her focus and to start working in her own country. She discovered that there are many beautiful sights in Holland which could be of interest for foreigners visiting the country.

The enthusiastic team of Spinning Wheels is eager to show you all kinds of Dutch characteristics (such as windmills, farm­houses and canals), while they take you to the countryside, out of the noisy and bustling city. Some tours will take you to small villages which date from the Middle Ages. As is the practice among the Dutch, all these beautiful places will be visited by bike.
A balanced mix between active cycling, visiting interesting sights and relaxing characterizes all tours. Participating groups are small, so you will be given full attention by your guide. We can assure you that joining one of our tours is a great experience. We invite you to get to know Holland in a pleasant and unique way.